A new way to experience fitness 


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We're going to get real with you. We have one very large Auckland Domain as our backyard and some very tough instructors. It won't always be pretty and you will hurt, but you will also thank us later. 5points is known for our bootcamp sessions. No extra cost, all part of your membership. Get in there!



Ever watch the movie Fight Club? This is as close as you will get without a trip to ED. High intensity training sessions focusing on technique, with a dedicated boxing Coach. Sam has his own boxing company and now a residency at 5points. He's going to train you hard. Real hard. Just like the streets of New York.


High intensity spin classes with interval training, hill work, and a lot of yelling. Just like trying to call a NYC cab.




A hybrid of two classes - yoga and pilates. Training you in mobility, flexibility, and strength. We know your time is important so In the city, we don't muck around.



It wouldn't be a NYC gym without a bit of X-training. In a dedicated room overlooked by some pretty cool street art we'll have you doing pull ups like a boss. A mafia boss.


Cardio & Weights Room

Hey - We still have all the usual gym features too -  so don't worry! In fact, we have over 400 square metres of floor space with a separate cardio and  weights (x2) rooms. Plenty of additional space to stretch out and foam roll. Or to just lay down, in a sweaty mess, while staring at that New York city scenery...

Book a free trial

We're quietly confident that you are going to love training with us so we're offering you a 5 day trial, for free. I'll tell you what else is for free, the smiles and sweat left on your face when you leave our group fitness classes. Yeah. That.