45 Minutes

Instructor led group boxing which focuses on developing fitness and good technique. Combing the use of boxing bags and pad work with conditioning exercises thrown in to really lift your heart rate. Our boxing instructor will get new beginners on point with their boxing execution so that you can punch it out with the best of them.



45 Minutes

High intensity sessions that combine strength and bodyweight exercises. In summer these are held right across the road at the Auckland Domain and in winter we have our own dedicated 'playroom' at the gym. You'll be sprinting, climbing, crawling and squatting your way to victory. Carefully prescribed to mimic all the major body movement patterns thus building strength in the areas that you should be to become a faster, stronger and more healthy individual. We also aim to make these sessions fun and to build comradery. You don't go into battle alone... 



45 minutes

Everyones doing it. But we have a dedicated X-training room to do it in! With a backdrop of Street Art dedicated to the 5POINTS street art mecca, we are also doing it with artistic flare. A strength and conditioning class which develops skill and technique, mixed in with cardio work. Pistol squats, kettle balls, pull ups (the adult kind). We're not giving it all away here, you'll just have to come and see for yourself.



45 mins

How about those spin classes? Everyone likes to spin those legs out with interval training working into the high training zones. Suits any level fitness, but we want you to make the most of your time on that seat and will motivate and push you to train hard. 'Pain is just weakness leaving the body". 



45 minutes

High Intensity Interval training. Designed to keep your heart rate and metabolism high. This class develops Strength, Speed, Power, Anaerobic and Aerobic Endurance and Hypertrophy. The class uses a lot of body weight, medicine ball, kettlebell, battlerope and sled-push exercises. This class is a good one for beginners wanting to get in to some serious strength and conditioning  work. 



30 minutes

Some might call it 'pump' but we have our own take on this. Super quick 30 minute session that involves dumbbells and high intensity training zones. Perfect for the time lacking individual that still wants a value based workout. We got you in this!


Core Train

30 minutes 

Just like the name suggests - we are going to blast your core with exercises that target your abs, back and mid section. Designed to both strengthen and shred because, having a strong core helps with balance, posture and overall strength. We aim to make this a fun interactive class.



45 minutes 

A hybrid class of yoga and pilates that works to improve both mobility and flexibility, as well as core strength. You get 2 for 1 here with receiving the same benefits you would have traditionally when taking both classes separately. We're about time management and good exercise prescription, so that you only spend the time you need to, to achieve the same goal. Great class for the corporate worker to prevent joint and health issues.



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