Our Story

5 Pointz, formerly in Long Island City, Queens (NY)  Photo by Sheila Kim; instagram: sheilamoky;  sheilakim.com

5 Pointz, formerly in Long Island City, Queens (NY)

Photo by Sheila Kim; instagram: sheilamoky; sheilakim.com


It all started when…

A health and fitness fanatic with a love for NYC culture and street art wondered; what could be better than a space which amalgamated these two very individual cultural and social experiences?

Based on the now demolished, world famous, 5pointz outdoor art exhibit in Queens NYC. 5pointz  was considered to be the world premier graffiti mecca where street artists from around the world painted on the walls of the 200,000 square foot warehouse. The artwork was designed to bring together the 5 boroughs of New York, incapsulating all of its assortment and cross sections of life.  5points Gym pays homage to both the artwork and the idea of cultural assembly. The end result?  A space to work-out in that defines hip and cool.

We believe its not just necessary to create a solid fitness experience, but why not an experience that transports you into another place and time? A collaboration of gym and art with the vibrance and diversity of NYC, is our ethos.

The team at 5points are a collection of fitness professionals who have been handpicked based not only on their qualifications and experience, but also their charisma and commitment to our members. We wanted a strong personal vibe going on, trainers who embrace culture and diversity. We want you to experience programs that will make exercise more enjoyable while adding a twist of sophistication coupled with the rawness of colourful New York street life.  We are the craft beer of gyms if you like.